Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Craft Project

2 dot boards, (12x24) pink is below ..

2 5 -circle flower boards, (12x24) repating the flowers in the pillows

2 stripe boards, (8x24) repeating the stripes in the pillows

created 2 boards (9x12)with ribbons ...

created 2 boards (8x10) using color blocks and ribbons

purple dots above ....

The inspiration:
My sister Sarah, in preparation for baby #3, due September 25 - 27 asked me to consult for the twins bedroom move. The new baby will take over the nursery,and the twins are moving to the "blue" room. The room already has blue walls and Sarah wanted me to create a mural or "something" on the walls. During the consult, We studied the pillows and quilts, both posted above - one purple/blue/green the other pink/blue/green. After going over many options ... I suggested getting canvas board and creating multiple pieces of art to hang on the wall. We created 5 different canvases then repeated with each color scheme. For a total of 10 works of art. We were inspired by the pillow and quilts. For paint, we went to Lowes and purchased the "sample" size and color matched the pillows - PERFECT! And a much better price then acrylic paints and NO mixing!

We spent 3 days working during the girls nap, 1-5ish Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They will be hung soon ...

what a fun project, Sarah my sister did not know she could be so crafty!


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fren_ace said...

it's beautiful
it's good for decoration