Saturday, March 6, 2010

Special Person Day ...

Wednesday I was invited by my niece Lucy to be her special person at Peter Panda, her school. I taught High School for 12 years - it was VERY VERY different to walk in to a Pre-School room with such little chairs and 8 little people! (each with a special adult)
The day began with each student introducing their special person ... Lucy introduced me and said "This is my Aunt Beth, she is WONDERFUL" how could I not beam the rest of the day ... Lucy was so sweet all day, making sure I was taken care of - pulling out chairs, checking to be sure I knew were to go ... the perfect host. The room was run so efficiently, each student had a job, they knew the rules and all work together - it was awesome! The day went fast, we played, sang, ate snacks, painted, and heard a great story. The morning flew - the girls loved it, and so did I!

The day went so fast I did not get any pictures - I was engrossed in being a student!


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