Monday, March 15, 2010

0-3 ...

what an awesome opportunity Aaron and I experienced the past 5 days!

We went from 0-3 kids in the matter of seconds. Well, kids on loan. My sister and her husband had a wedding to attend in Denver ... but did not take their kiddos, The 3 little red heads.
My sister asked if we would be interested in watching them. I asked Aaron.
He thought it would be a good training experience. (i laughed and said okay)
So Thursday afternoon my sister and her husband left on a jet plane and Aaron and I found ourselves the care takers of 2- 3.5 year old girls and 1- 18mo boy.
0-3 in no time flat.

If you live in the Indy area, you know the weather this weekend was yuck. Thursday was great, then it got cold and rainy. BUT we managed, thankfully Aaron and I came to them, to their house. Aaron and I live in a small ranch house ... the 3 little red heads live in a 2-story house with a basement ... 3 different levels and they use them ALL. Now do not get me wrong, the space is great! But at the same time my legs have gotten a workout:)

Of course the enemy was doing a quick work to discourage us ... Aaron enjoys Friday as his sabbath ... so we had planned to tag team the kiddos that day. Well, he was called in for ministry business and spent most of the day on the phone, and out of the house dealing with various issues. (Please keep Brookside Community Church, its leaders, and congregation in your prayers!)
The kiddos and I pushed through.

We took the crew to Northview Church Saturday night - this was their second visit. We did a trial run with my sister and her husband two weeks ago. The girls were thrilled. And after seeing the room, I understand! After church we headed to my other sisters house for dinner. Her two older boys cooked! (11 & soon to be 10) They grilled stake and asparagus - they did a great job. To top it off they were perfect hosts - directing us to the goodies placed out, letting us know our seating assignments ... it was a fun time and a full house.
Taking from Life Group observations, I took PJs for the 3 little red heads. The girls at first thought they might be staying over with their cousin ... that surprised me. With the help of Nana and Papa, we wrangled the 3 little red heads, got each buckled and headed home. Aaron was with us, but in his car.

Then the time changed ... Sunday all the kids slept until 8:45 / 9 am ...
Because of the Brookside Church issues, we could not have service in the building this past Sunday. So we did not have to get the kiddos up and out for 2nd church. (PTL)

Aaron and I did attend our final Dynamic Marriage class, 8 weeks sure went fast! Nana and Papa came over while we were away, we did think about taking them, they did have child care available... Aaron and I strongly encourage any married couple regardless of the state of marriage to take the Dynamic Marriage Course. One of the couples stated this should be a required for all!

So now it is Monday. Day 5 ... my sister and her husband arrive this evening. It should be a nicer day outside - we will see. While I have enjoyed this time with the 3 little red heads, I really miss my own bed:)

I am very thankful that they twusted Aaron and I with this assignment, and I thank the Lord he has been with us every step!


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