Thursday, March 11, 2010

slow down ...

this has been such a fast week. again like last week very very full. to the point i have not even been able to make a simple follow up phone call. something keeps popping up, or the planned activity takes longer then expected.

today on my way to my sisters i was jamming to Israel Houghton's new CD the power of One (if it is on my iPod is it still a CD?). while on I-69 the traffic slowed to a virtual stop ... it was 1pm, not a typical time for slow traffic on I-69 ... anyway, my low fuel light chimed on. i am one of the rule followers and immediately i wanted to get gas. to me if the light comes on, you are out of gas. ( i have had some experience with running out of gas in my life) but i was stuck on the interstate. and not very far from my sisters house - it would be closer then gas. so i headed down 75th street, got to the allisonville light - to be stopped by a funeral procession.

gave me a minute to reflect, SLOW down! songs on "Moving Forward" - very powerful ... a true god moment. ... because HE makes all things new, and I will follow HIM forward! quite powerful while watching a funeral procession heading possibly to Oak Lawn Memorial Gardens.
i was given a moment to not worry about my gas light, to sit and be still pray for the family heading to the funeral. had a moment to listen the lyrics. then headed on my way, refreshed.


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