Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Picture with Santa

Every year Nana (my mother) has all her grandkids go to Keystone at the Crossing to get a picture with Santa. Her oldest grandkid will be 11 in February ... She has all the pictures displayed in her house, it is fun to see how the group has grown from 1 to 7 ... well 8 when you include the "JerBear". (Ages range 10 years to 15 months)
The little black bear is in the picture to represent Jeremy. The bear is special because in his left arm there is a recording of Jeremy's heartbeat. It was a special shower gift from a dear life group couple ... and now we will continue to have JerBear in all our important family pictures. In this picture, Lucy (one of the twins) is holding on to JerBear for extreme comfort, I am not surprised he comforts me too!

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Jennifer said...

what an awesome tradition! I can't believe how big Jack and Sam are!!!