Monday, December 28, 2009

Ahhh Christmas!

I love celebrating Christmas, the birth of Jesus.
What I am not exactly fond of is the "other" stuff that comes along with it.
Great example ... yesterday at church,
one of our congregants said"Hey First Lady(that is what they affectionally call me), was Santa good to you this year?"
my reply, "Santa, we celebrated the birth of Jesus!"
He smiled and said, "That's what I am talking about - Jesus "

Aaron and I enjoyed full days of Family ... we are so blessed that both of our families are in the Indianapolis area ... our parents still live in the homes we grew up in - about 15/20 min from each other. Both of our Moms have large Christmas Eve spreads ... Aaron and I ate very well.

The 24th began with me picking up my forever friend, in town from Minneapolis for the holiday - and getting some breakfast. I was on a tight schedule, Aaron and I needed to be at Church for the noon service! We had a great visit ...
Aaron and I attened the noon service, I am still in shock that Northview had a LIVE nativity in the foyer ...

This was amazing, the boxes ... presents from Northview families for Jesus. Check out to learn more about the Christmas series.

After the service, we headed to the Shelby's ... we had a great time with Aaron's family - and was the food good ... mmmmm!
The Jeremy Bear made his second appearance and we got a shot of the Shelby Cousins,
Bryson (6) and Breaden (21mo) Shelby, Darrin (13) and Dean (6mo)Kirkland

With Shelby Grand parents ... Nana and GrandDaddy ....
We then headed over to my parents .... Jameson (15mo) found the JerBear and gave him a big hug ... how does he know! :) Jack helped keep an eye on him.
the Diehl Cousins ... this was a challenge, to get everyone still and stop touching each other ...
in Front Jack,holding the bear (10), On the couch: Hannah(3.5), Jameson (15mo) Lucy (3.5) Sam (9), in the back: Kate (5) and Will (7).

I truly appreciate both families taking a special picture for me with the bear ...

On Christmas day, Aaron and I woke up just in time to head over to my sisters to enjoy breakfast .... she makes a wonderful egg casserole and coffee cake - so good! They were headed out of town - but not with out Will telling Aaron and I not to even think about coming over and playing Wii while they were gone ... hum to bad they are home already ... :)
After breakfast Aaron and I returned home to get ready to head down to his Aunts ... to eat again. This is the time of the year that all the relatives come out. After 4 years, I am starting to get all the names down. Aaron's mom has 4 sisters ... all with kids - that now have kids - it is a full house.
His Aunt lives around the corner from my parents ... so around 4 we headed over there. My mom had the Turkey in ... with all the fixins - was I hungry .... I ate.

Aaron and I had such a blessed Christmas - time to be together with our families ... it is our prayer that 2010 we will have a baby to add to the family celebrations! Aaron and I are in agreement that this could have been our final Christmas with just the two of us.

Next on the docket ... planning a Birthday Celebration for Jeremy ...

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