Tuesday, December 29, 2009


December 29th ... closing in on the end of 2009 - the start of 2010. I am working on resolutions - or goals for 2010. I am not even sure where to begin.
Part of me is thinking why make goals if ultimately I am not even in control, why not just go with whatever is thrown my way and let it be.
The other part reminds me that I must be intentional, with my time, focus and actions.

today my God Calling devotion helped set me on the right path:
Work and Prayer
Work and prayer represent the two forces that will ensure success. Your work and My Work. For prayer, believing prayer, is based on the certainly that I am working for you and with you and in you. Go forward gladly and unafraid. I am with you. With men your task may be impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Lord, I ask that you set me on the path that you desire for me. I pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding of your will for me. Open my eyes to recognize all you desire for me in 2010 and beyond. Thank you Father that you are with me - always. Thank your for the work that you do in me and the work you provide for me to accomplish. Lord you are so good - thank you that with you all things are possible! AMEN.


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