Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Glowing Memories

Last night Aaron and I attended the Glowing Memories service at Northview. This is an annual service to remember and honor friends and family that have passed. The evening was very special, there was special music, a short message, an opportunity to write the names of those being honored and remembered to place on a wreath, and rows and rows of votives to be lit by each person attending in honor of their loved one.

For me, it was a visual reminder that I am not the only one that has experienced loss. AS the candles were lit, Aaron leaned over and said "it is hard to imagine that each person is here for a different reason." Each person in attendance has a story, and their story includes loss. There was a feeling of community in the sanctuary - a very special type.
I lit 4 candles to honor and remember: Jeremy, Grandma and Grandpa Diehl and Carol Hittle( my sisters mother in law).
It was an amazing site when I returned to my seat and saw all the candles glowing and flickering together. There was a feeling of knowing, recognizing, validating each others loss.

Members of our life group also attended to honor Jeremy - completely overwhelming, and again a visual reminder that i do not own my loss, it is shared. It is a shared loss with this close group of friends, our family and others.
Which also reminds me that when I feel alone and isolated - I am NOT!

Heavenly Father, I thank you for community! Thank you for creating us to desire companionship. Thank you Lord, for reminding us to remember and honor your righteous children.
...a righteous man will be remembered forever Psalm 112:6b


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