Monday, November 2, 2009

The trip ... Athens

After spending a week overseas, I decided the best way to share the experience is to spend one day at each port. Actually this is really for me to help put in to perspective this trip - it blew me away!
The scripture that continues to ring in my ears and my heart ...
Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.Isaiah 64:4

This trip, Aaron and I never even dreamed of, only continuing to justify to me that I can not even begin to imagine what the Lord has planned and prepared for me.

On Thursday October 22nd Aaron and I arrived at the airport at 8am, for our 10:36am flight. This was our first visual of the group that we would be spending the next 7 days. We traveled from Indy to Chicago, with a group of 15 - we would meet the rest in Athens.
Our host for the week was RTV 6, one of the local stations in Indy. This was an incentive trip for the Sales and Marketing Department. There were 6 representatives from RTV along with a guests - totaling 12. The remainder of the group included 16 companies, each advertise with RTV. The group totaled 44 once we all arrived on the ship.

We traveled to Chicago, then left for Frankfurt at 3:20, we arrived in Frankurt at 7am .... 12am Indy time. The flight was uneventful - that is ideal! I was not able to sleep - so I watched multiple movies. We then took a flight from Frankfurt to Athens, arriving about 1pm. When we arrived in Athens we met the rest of our group and loaded on buses for a driving tour of Athens on our way to the ship.
Here we are on the bus, getting ready to tour Athens ... not a bad self-portrait!
Sculpture at the Airport, for the Olympics ...
Welcome to ATHENS ....
The original Olympic Stadium:
The Pantheon, Athens (from the bus)

Gate into the Pantheon (from the Bus)
Part of the group at the Acropolis ...
The Acropolis ...
Aaron and I at the Acropolis, Athens Greece

The stadium build for Olympic Beach Volleyball, on our way to the port,

As we arrived on the ship we were greeted with champaign ... and then a bottle in our room.
The suite was HUGE. It is pretty dark, but the picture was taken close to the closet - which was a walk-in. And the bathroom equally as big, with a full size bathtub!

The muster station ... before we set sail we needed to report to our positions incase of an emergency .... the life vest would have been an excellent pillow!
Leaving Athens, view from the room. Sipping champaign - waiting for our bags to arrive.

We got our bags, freshened up and headed to the RTV cocktail reception followed by dinner.

We had awesome meals, this was our main dish each night ....
aaron's meal, beef wellington:
My meal, veal:
The ship was sailing to Santorini, 136 nautical miles ... south of Athens.