Monday, November 23, 2009

he makes ALL things new

So in my last post, I wrote this has been a hard year ...
Saturday night our life group met to have our Celebration at the conclusion of the RESET spiritual growth campaign. Everyone was supposed to create "something" that described them. The creation could be ANYTHING: you could bring something, make something, do an interpretive dance .... it was limitless. Aaron and I happened to be in Greece when the group received the assignment, so ours was on the fly. BUT we were so impressed by our Life Group - after 4 years you think you know people - right??? Well no, the evening was full of insight and we continue to get to know each other better and better.

While there were no interpretive dances, one completely blew me away!
Tish is an artist, her occupation (in addition to being an awesome mommy) she does creative design - for her project she elected to create a painting. Something that has been on her heart for sometime. Her inspiration ... Jeremy. Our little Angel Man, my sweet son. That was enough for me to lose it Saturday.
She created a beautiful butterfly, to represent how God can use anything - regardless of how ugly a situation is he can use it .... here is her painting:
It is beautiful. At the conclusion of her presentation she gave the painting to Aaron and I. WHAT! We are thinking it will go in our bedroom, the walls are a deep purple, the wings stand out in a luminescent manner - it is the constant reminder that God Makes ALL things new. A wonderful image to see when going to bed and getting up ... how do you thank someone for such a insightful and powerful gift. ( I am still working on it)

It is hard to explain, but it is so meaningful when friends and family continue to honor Jeremy. I did not know that would mean so much to me, but I love talking about him. It is such a blessing for me, when asked about Jeremy. It is an honor to remember him:)