Friday, November 20, 2009

My Desire ...

My devotion from God Calling this morning describes the Desire of my heart ....

Not only must you rejoice, but your JOY must be made manifest. "Known unto all men." A candle must not be set under a bushel, but on a candlestick, that it may give light to all who are in the house. Men must see and know your JOY, and seeing it, know, without any doubt, that it springs from trust in Me, from living with Me.
The hard dull way of resignation is not My Way. When I entered Jerusalem, knowing well that scorn and reviling and death awaited Me, it was with cries of Hosanna, and with a triumphal procession. Not just a few "Lost Cause"followers creeping with Me into the city. THere was no note of sadness in My Last Supper Talk with My disciples, and "when we had sung an hymn" we went out unto the Mount of Olives. So trust, so conquer, so joy. Love colors the way. Love takes the sting out of the wind of adversity. LOVE .LOVE. LOVE of Me. The consciousness of MY Presence, and that of My Father, we are ONE, and HE - God - is LOVE.

I desire to radiate the JOY of the Lord ... this year has been tough.
It is my prayer that I manifest His Joy ... entering into the Holiday Season, Thanksgiving, Christmas - I pray that the glory of the Lord will shine through me and I am able to radiate HIS joy. I pray that each of you will also radiate his JOY too ... imagine the Love that we can spread with the conscious effort to manifest Joy.


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