Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Santorini, geological history

i copied this from a guide book, it helped Aaron and I better understand this island. Part of the Cyclades ... meaning circle.
The largest crescent shape is the island of Santorini, the island we visited. An interesting fact we learned, the this volcanic eruption was perhaps the most powerful in the historical era ... and must have been heard throughout Europe. It created a tidal wave that devastated Crete, 70 miles south of this area. Some even speculate that the plagues of Egypt mentioned in Exodus may recall long -distant effects of the eruption. FOR ME, what an awesome gauge of time.

The Red island is Santorini, in the grouping of the Cycalades ... Mykonos is in this group as well. We will visit that island in a few days. The larger land in the left corner is the "mainland" where you find Athens.
A map of the island today, our port was between Nea Kameni and Skala Fira.

This is just the set up ... next post our adventures on Santorini!


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