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Kusadasi, October 25

Europe observes Daylight Savings Time PTL! We received an extra hour of sleep. Did it help - absolutely!
We ordered room service for breakfast again, this time we were ready. The boat was almost to Kusadasi, Turkey so we enjoyed our breakfast as we entered the port. This port we would dock, which provides an easy way on and off the ship. We would be able to move as we desired on and off ...
views from our room

bird island, from our room as we prepared to dock
a zoom, see the castle ...
the dock ....
we were about to turn the propellors and travel sideways to the dock ...
directly out of our balcony ...
After our breakfast, we decided to attend the Enrichment Lecture ... Insight on Ephesus and Kusadasi, by Dr Paula Smith. I think Aaron and I were the youngest people there, but we sure learned plenty!
just some of it .... i did not take notes, but should have!
Kusadasi started as a small fishing village, and now year round has a population of 60,000. In the summer the number doubles. The reason for the draw, the proximity to Ephesus ... one of the most important archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. (Ephesus, as in Ephesians, the letter written by Paul) In that time, Ephesus was on the sea ... it was an important trading port and the sacred center for the cult of Artimis (the fertility goddess) Ephesus like most cities in Asia Minor became a Roman city, then a Christian one. Now as you will see it is only ruins, abut 5K from the shore.

After the talk, I went up to the front of the ship to check out the port .... we were meeting some of the folks in our group to take a taxi together, but I had some time to explore.
The other side of the port:
There was a HUGE ship next to us, this is only half.
Self Portrait, front of the ship ...
back of the ship ... love the sun in my eyes, you can actually see the blue blue water.
Then I heard what can be best described as a Drum-line ... there were traditional Turkish dancers on the dock, I tired to zoom.
It was time to meet our fellow travelers, Maggie and her Mom, as well as Todd and Jacki Kane. We had decided during dinner the previous night that we would find a cab that would take us to Ephesus. We exited the ship and made our way through the port. As we exited the boat, we walked along the dock and then through the port terminal. This lead to the bus tours, shopping and taxis.
We wadded through the shop owners trying to get us to make purchases and found the taxis, this was NOT difficult:
these stations where EASY to spot. Todd did the talking and got us a good deal for round trip passage.
This is a fishing port, right next to the cabs, this man was cleaning fish with a number of cats waiting for any cast offs ....
In the cab, Jacki next to me ... you can also see Maggie's pony tail
Leaving the port, that is the BIG boat.
from the cab out to Ephesus:

The driver dropped us off at the Entrance Gate to Ephesus and would pick us up at the Exit in 2 hours ...
our first views:

pipes created for the PLUMBING system:
Part of our group hired a guide to take them through the ruins, we joined up:
The first area of our visit was in the government section of the city.

One of the promenades, all marble!
Kurets Street.

These stairs lead to the Odeion, used for concerts and government meetings:
the "theater"

on our way out of the theater

ruins of possible homes:

Aaron studying the booklet, taking a rest:

the guide lined the group up ... they looked like they were in trouble:)
again on the promenade, we learned that they had street lights. They stood over 6 feet tall and burned olive oil .... imagine this street lit up!
must be something important ...
Hermes 3rd, 1 century AD
Hadrian Temple, this was the "most beautiful" building on Kurets Street ... this temple was named after one of the emperors...
detail of the arch:
this was located by the Hermis sculpture, a type of square or meeting place

I found these guys interesting, they were sweeping off the marble ... really, there was dust and dirt everywhere.
this is an important relief ... Nike, can you see the swoosh in the flowing gown?

As we turned the corner, more of Ephesus was revealed ....
this street was lined with shops, it was a market place.
shops ...
the mosaic floors in front of the shops ....
I think this cat was posing for me ....
Traian Fountain, 102-114 AD. The excavation is complete and the structure is partially repaired:

Public Latrines ....
Everyone took a turn, hearing some inspiration from Aaron. Above, Sara and Brian. Below Todd, Brian, and Maggie

The MEN used to gather to use the bathroom, this was a major social opportunity for the guys.
The ladies used the bathroom at home.
One of the major gates to the city center .... sorry I do not have the name
the library .... yes two story, 2nd century ...

we did not go inside .... but continued on our journey to the Great Theater
along the marble street - there were these latches, they would open so you could check the underground sewer system ... how sophisticated!
This is the Grand Theater, where Paul preached to thousands in Ephesus ... before he was chased out by the merchants. They chased him out because they made their money selling the idols of Artemis and he hurt their business. This Theater has perfect acoustics. Without microphones the speaker can be heard in all areas.

Aaron sharing the WORD .... looks very natural!

back towards the library...

this was also a market place the theater, self portrait
Harbour Street ... at the end of this marble walk was the WATER!
just to say it again, at the end of this street was the WATER!

a rendering of what this street may have looked like
Behind us, the gymnasium just to the left of the Theater,
This tour was amazing, and we also learned that only 10% of the city has been excavated! Truly amazing. After a 2 hour tour of the Ephesus ruins, we exited to find our cab. But first we had to move through persitent shop owners.
gotta love that McDonalds is everywhere!
Genuine Fake Watches ....
on our way home, we stopped at a rug company. These are all handmade turkish rugs, they are gorgeous, starting at about $2,000. Needless to say Aaron and I did not make the investment.

our ship, those ropes where HUGE!

we returned to the ship for lunch, about 1:55. The buffet was closing at 2. OUr group filled our bellies. Maggie, Tina, Jacki and Todd ventured out to shop. Aaron and I opted for a nap, then a stroll before dinner.

We walked around the bazaar right by the terminal, while we napped it rained. Pretty good plan on our part. We enjoyed this walk, the store owners did not push their goods on us. Surprising I know!
Some head tilting needed:

this was a busy corner, like times square, video and all!
the beach, starting to get dark, our ship is the bright lights
dinner was at Portofino's, this is the "private" reservation only dinning room.
The room was all RTV6 people.

This evening we only had to make a few choices, this was the salad ... greens and mackerel
I tried it, very fishy - like tuna.
Aarons Dinner: veal i think?
my dinner, eggplant lasagna
Dessert ...
After dinner, a group headed off the ship to a bar near the dock. We all had to be back on the ship by 10:30 ...
Jacki and I, not bad self-portrait shot
Maggie and I, not a self portrait shot ...
Aaron and I, upside down self-portrait ...
Really, in Turkey? Starbucks and McDonalds - world wide!

We were the last people on the ship. Right as Todd stepped on they radioed and began to undo the ropes. We went up to the top of the ship, Galileos to watch us leave Kusadasi ...
Leaving Kusadasi ....

On to Bodrum, Turkey ... 111 Nautical miles


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