Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deep Sigh ...

The video we taped 2 weeks ago aired this past weekend as part of the message on Fairness. Quite a different feeling when you know that 3000 people are going to watch/listen to your story on the large screen.
On my way to the service, my palms were sweaty and I seriously thought about skipping the entire service. Then that still small voice reminds me that IT IS NOT ABOUT ME!

Watching the video in the sanctuary surrounded by the 4:30 service attendees - was a little strange. We noticed the people around us realize WE were the couple on the screen. I cried, again, and heard the sniffles around. The video techies at Northview put together an awesome video. The editing - using the footage, images, and audio to create a comprehensive 5 minutes that told our story. It was all done in a professional manner and we could not be more pleased. The message Pastor Steve delivered was strong and serious. If you are interested .... it is on line www.nvcl.org - click Reset week 2.

There is a clear sense of relief since taping and viewing the video. I never would have imagined that re-opening the wound of loss and grief could actually provide a new layer of healing. I feel like I have emerged with new eyes ... new feelings of passion for projects I am working on.

Quick recap ... in the past 2 weeks Aaron and I shared our pregnancy journey 3 times. Weopened up raw wounds and now they are healing again. This time we both have a greater sense of each other - it is not our personal experience, but our shared experience. We loved talking and sharing because we did it together.

i am changing gears ...
CRUSIE NOTES : we have our new passports, we recently got information about what to pack ... we are 3 weeks from heading half way around the world.
the biggest factor in packing is the climate, low 64 - high 80 ... And evening wear: We have 2 dinners that require aaron to wear a suit and tie and for me a dress ... the other nights are Country Club Casual ... I will be researching that.

Thank you for continued Prayer ....


BlondesPoopMascara.blogspot.com said...

as the tears fall...all I have to say is...you 2 are truly amazing! your faith and love for the Lord and His ways in your life inspire me! Amazing! Blessed by both of you more than you will ever know!! Can't wait to be with you on FR! love you guys!

Alicia Burdick said...

I'm excited to watch your video, but I wanted to let you know that some cruise ships "rent" suits & dresses! You should check that out before making room in your suitcase. Have a blast!!!!