Thursday, September 10, 2009

blessings abound!

What a Wednesday!
the Lord is Good .... and how exciting when you get to SEE Him show up!

Wednesday nights at Brookside are busy times. The men's and women's studies meet every Wednesday night (7-8:30). This summer we had an amazing couple from Child Evangelism Fellowship come in and started "The Good News Club" They shared the gospel and Gods love for the kids of the adults attending the studies. Age ranges 14 mo - 14 years, 5-10 kids. It was truly God who allowed for such an age range of kids to sit in a room, sing songs and learn about Jesus.
WELL, the couple left in Mid August for a Mission to the Middle East ... Praise the Lord - they are going to do some awesome work ... BUT the Kids continue to come on Wednesday.
YIKES for me ...
BUT GOD ....(I love that) provided needed help last night.
A Life Group from Northview that typically meets on Wednesday came down to serve. This group of 7 (there are 8, but one husband could not make it) with no hesitation came to Brookside Church and "played" with the Wednesday Night Kids.
I was so blessed to watch a small group play SORRY, a 5th grader get help on her homework, another small group reading, the 3 babies in the nursery having a grand time ... then the crew moved to the gym. Kids RUNNING full speed, laughing, jumping, playing four square, basketball, volleyball ... it was so cool.
My prayer is we will be able to find other groups that will be open to coming down to just love the Kids. Demonstrating the Love Jesus has for each of us - pouring out.


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