Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Lord is SO good

He is so good, what an awesome protector our Lord and Saviour is! WOW.

Thursday Aaron and I talked to a group of Nurses, Chaplains and Social Workers that have chosen to continue their education. The conference was specifically for those involved with infant loss. There were 3 families that shared stories about 4 babies, yes an adorable set of twin boys. All three different and heartbreaking.
Sharing our journey with Jeremy, we told the story of Prenatal Hospice. The other two families experenced unexpected losses. (not that any loss is expected - but with the diagnosis of T13 we had a "heads up") Sharing was not as exhausting as the video for church. I am thankful we had the opportunity to share in depth 2 times our journey - both very different settings but both with the opportunity to serve the Lord. To help serve the kingdom. Because of Jeremy, Aaron and I have the opportunity to share the Glory of the Lord on multiple levels.
It is so cool. What a way to light a fire!
Hard to imagine while going through the tough time how the Lord will choose to use you and your story to impact others. He is so good. Only through HIS strength were we able to share with others .... His LOVE for us is truly amazing! Praise the Lord for his Goodness!


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