Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We Cling to Thee

From God Calling:
A Child's Hand
Dear Lord, we cling to Thee
Yes, cling. Your faith shall be rewarded. Do you not know what it means to feel a little trusting hand in yours, to know a child's confidence? Does that not draw our your Love and desire to protect, to care. Think what MY Heart feels, when in your helplessness you turn to Me, clinging, desiring My Love and Protection. Would you fail that child, faulty and weak as you are? Could I fail you? Just know it is not possible. Know all is well. You must not doubt. You must be sure. There is not miracle I cannot perform, nothing I cannot do. No eleventh-hour rescue I cannot accomplish.

I have had the honor to hold many little hands, and they are sure you will protect them as you walk along side each other. So in the same way a child will cling to an adult ... I long to cling to My Father. He will never fail us, GLORY.

I am working on writing for an upcoming retreat .... please pray for me, I ask for wisdom, clarity and to Glorify the Lord through the writing.


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