Friday, November 14, 2008

Loving God - no matter what

from Stormies Heart
... remember that regardless of how much your world shakes, God is unshakable. So don't doubt God when you are in the midst of a tough time. Continue to show your love for HIM by praising HIM for who HE is and all that HE has done. And thank HIM ahead of time for the good HE will soon bring out of your situation.

My world is constantly shaking - everyday. There is tremor after tremor, it never stops. Will it stop when Jeremy arrives? When will my situation pass? I look forward to the day that God delivers his promises - I know HE will bring us through, but this journey is getting rough. I WILL STAND FIRM AND TRUST.

This week has been full of thinking about the arrival of Jeremy. We are in a waiting period for the arrival, that is when all our plans go into action - we do not know for certain the outcome - we must plan for possible scenarios. Even the medical professionals can not say for certain what will happen, each case is very different. And in many cases couples have decided to end the pregnancy with the the initial diagnosis.

In my heart, Jeremy is coming home whit Aaron and I. That is the only scenario in my mind. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we do not know and the statistics are not on our side. BUT I do know God is on my side - what else do I need ....

Aaron and I have prayed each morning for discernment and wisdom in our preparation for creating birth plans and what we should be doing to prepare our home, family, friends, everyone that will be effected when Jeremy arrives.

There are many things going on in my head, what is the best way to let those around us know all that we are facing. I have truly enjoyed the past few months experiencing a regular pregnancy with many of my co workers, athletes and students. I have been very open in the blogging world, but not so open in my work life. Coming to school daily, having a routine, working with students, working with athletes - everything seems so regular. Some days it seems like a lie, I just want to shout that we do not know what the future holds - we do not know - we do not know!

The future - I can not think about the future. I can hardly move past each moment, every movement Jeremy makes is precious. Going to the Doctor, hearing his heartbeat - talk about the Glory of God. Truly Amazing,

This post is all over the place - similar to what my head has been like this week. sorry!

on a more stable note:
This weekend my best friend from forever comes home to visit. Suzi and I met when we were 2 years old, and have been buddies ever since. We lived one street apart with the same house number.  We have not lived in the same city since high school, but when ever we get together it is like no time has passed. EVERYONE needs a Suzi. :)

Tonight Aaron and I will celebrate his birthday, which was yesterday - but due to ministry needs we decided to celebrate Friday. NOT sure where we will go, he will pick. I am so thankful that he is my partner and we have each other - in everything.

Please pray for Aaron and I as we prepare for the day we meet Jeremy, face to face. We specifically ask for discernment in his treatment and procedures that may be necessary - and always pray for a miracle! 


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