Sunday, November 23, 2008

Great Weekend

This has been a great weekend - low key and great.

Friday night Aaron and I went to dinner with my sister, her husband and 4 kids. They are always entertaining. The kids range in age from 10 - 4 - Aaron and I got a great update from the boys regarding the economy, stocks and bonds. Their Dad has been taking them to school and they have these deep conversations - not bad for a 4th grader, 2nd grader and kindergartner. Aaron asked if he could start riding with them:)

Saturday, Aaron traveled with me to Greenwood for his first visit to the "BEAD PALACE" In case you do not know, I started a jewelry business 18 months ago, Beads by Beth, there is a link tot he blog on the left ... ANYWAY, I had a few orders that I needed to get some special bead to create so we made the 30 min journey south. I love that place. Aaron is awesome, he was amazed at the number of beads available - he took a book found a comfortable seat and waited for me. This was the first time I visited and I was the only shopper for beads in the store - that was awesome! I found just what I needed and it only took me about 45min. Aaron was very patient. We attended the 4:30 service at Northview - Pastor Poe, in addition to doing the money talk, which pastors must do yearly - spoke about the time when Jesus feed 5,000 and Paul walked on Water. Specifically being obedient to God and his call on our lives. Then they showed the cardboard stories AGAIN - so I was very tear filled. God does so many amazing things, and I know that I can count on Him to do the same amazing things in my life.

Sunday, whew - We celebrated Thanksgiving at Brookside, the church was full and Pastor Bailey shared a powerful word. Everyone was fed spiritually first, then stomachs filled. There was so much food, many of the people received 2nds, 3rds and a doggie bag. After church I got to work ... filled all the orders. The items are now posted on the Beads by Beth blog.

I had to laugh that I could not get as close to my beading station as I like. And Foster (one of our cats) was not able to sit on my lap while I worked. He typically fits on my lap, just under the work table - not any more!

Jeremy has been very active all weekend, day and night. What a blessing. I love this time, feeling him move, stretch, and twist. I can not really put into words how I look forward to each move. Everyday this weekend, I was reminded that we walk by faith and not be sight ... and We do not believe what we see, we believe what we know.

Hope you all had a blessed weekend as well ....

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Leslie Ober said...

You don't know me, but I was directed to your blog by my aunt, whose daughter you coached (Kaylee Carter). I think I just read your entire blog...and let me just say...WOW. I am SO encouraged by your faith. I know that in times of trials our human default can be to ask the age-old question..."Why me?" Well...if you have ever wondered that for yourself...I can tell you...because God is using you. In the midst of this the midst of this uncertainty and are 100% bringing glory to God and honoring Him with your life. I know it doesn't make it any easier. But please know that your story...your testimony...of God's work in your life is changing lives. Thank you for sharing so openly. May God bless you richly because of your faith!! Grace and Peace to YOU!!