Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Bear?

final wake up in the smokies ... we will head out this morning/late morning - after a good breakfast at Flap Jacks Pancake House. Located right next to the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum. (saved the best for last!)

Yesterday after we toured the Arts and Crafts District, major skill and talent that has been passed down generations, we had a lazy day in the condo. So lazy that I got restless about 3 and headed out for a walk in the complex. While this complex is wonderful ... sidewalks would help (just a suggestion BlueGreen). I was also able to feel the terrain, we are on some major hills! Most notable during my walk (the message from MarsHill Bible Church on Jonah was GREAT) but the Red SUV that stopped was truly the most notable. I walked by this SUV that was parked and pointing towards the woods. I continued on my way through the complex ... then the SUV began to drive and stopped me ... to let me know there was a bear in the woods.... "it's just a little bear, we was feedn' it pizza" (the guy laughs!) another one in the SUV says " yea, it was little only about 50 pounds or so"
My response, big eyes, realizing that I would need to walk that way to return to my condo ... very clam- "Thanks for letting me know". The SUV drives away.
On the inside "there is a bear and they were feeding him pizza!!! Just a little bear .... a bear is a bear ... if there is a little bear there is a big bear close!!"

I began my walk home at an increased clip, i moved from the bear area (i did not see the bear) and to get to the condo had to walk up a monster incline. By the time I got to our condo I was out of breath. Aaron was surprised, he knew I was on a WALK ... not really something that would take my breath away. Then I told him about the SUV, pizza and the Bear. what an adventure!

Tomorrow we are back to the grind - it has been excellent to be removed from day to day business and upcoming stuff. Truly mind clearing - we are so appreciative that we had the time to get away.

Thursday is the first class of Poverty 101, a 6 week course that will help to educate the Northview congregation regarding serving in the urban environment and building relationships. It is our prayer that through this course Northview Urban Ministry will have a slew of volunteers that will impact Brookside Church and the neighborhood. ... one person, one family, one block at a time ....


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