Saturday, April 10, 2010

Awesome prayer, from Northview Church 30 days of reflection.

Lord, I give You my permission to do in me and through me whatever You desire. Your thoughts are higher than my thoughts, and your ways are higher than my ways. If I try to control, I will totally miss the good works that You want me to walk in, and the good fruit that You want to produce in me and through me. I give You permission to take control, to direct my thoughts, to lead me where You want me to go, to teach me and to instruct me in what You want me to do. I invite You in, and I give you the deed, title and keys to my heart, my life and my affections. Please enter every room of my heart and make it yours; the rooms that I see, and the rooms that are hidden. Strip away and remove everything that does not honor or bow down to the Name of Jesus. Fill me instead with your Spirit. I give this ground, my heart, back to You. Amen.


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