Saturday, January 30, 2010

Great Date

Aaron has shifted his schedule, so now he has Friday off, it used to be Monday.
We would take Monday off -- typically have a lazy morning, sometimes not ever leaving the house all day. Which there is a need to rest some days.
Thinking about taking Friday off came on because of the MLK celebration, Brookside hosted a neighborhood event - it was awesome... but Aaron worked Monday, resulting in determining a different day to take off .... Friday. He loved it- how he felt going into Sunday's Sermon ... so he did it again this week. I think he is on to something!
Work: Sunday - Thursday, off Friday ... Saturday is a workday, but typically meetings that include a meal.... After two weeks, I enjoy this schedule too.
Last Friday I went to the Children's Museum with my sister and the 3 little red heads - this week i wanted to be more intentional and have a date with my husband...
his two options: 1) The Home and Garden Show at the FairGrounds or 2) Indianapolis Museum of Art.
I was looking for things to do on Friday that would be different then our typical choices ... Aaron picked the IMA. He had never been, even before it was renovated.
Through the Artistically Talented program, I have been able to visit on the past few years - but we would be on a specific tour - it was great to just wonder at our own speed. And it is FREE!! They ask for donations, but to think most places it would cost ... something.
We started at the top, sometimes I have a hard time defending/explaining the minimalist contemporary art ... for example the Room that had colored yarn ... to help express the positive and negative space, that was difficult for me. While I understood the written explanation, I could not determine for myself the aesthetic quality that another might find.
After the 3rd floor we headed to the Cafe for some tasty salads and a great view of the fountain. We decided we should return each season, so we can enjoy the grounds as well (which FYI are pet friendly!)
After our leisurely lunch, Aaron voted for the American Art Gallery ... so we wondered through those rooms, Aaron asks good questions .... it was fun:) As we made it out of those, Aaron was done. We had spent 3 hours at the IMA ... PRETTY AMAZING! We drove through the grounds to see the Lilly house and talked about all the gardens with certain plans to return in the spring and summer and fall.

It was a day well spent, with my Hubby:) I do not expect every Friday to be a great date day, but maybe if we can be intentional and try something 2 out of 4 a month - that would be GREAT:) looking forward to warm weather so we can hike some trails, ride bikes .. visit the state parks .... so many possibilities!


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Rebecca said...

Sounds awesome! Kurt and I do something similar. We call it them 'Fun Fridays'. It's good for my hardworking hubby to take a day off. :)