Thursday, January 21, 2010

cough cough - hack hack

I am covering my mouth in my elbow ... just when I thought a week ago I was returning to the blog I got hit with a massive cold.
Not since my first year teaching have I been that sick.
Sore throat, stuffy head, runny nose, achey body, no voice ... where did this come from?

3 adorable little red-heads!
Last week my sister was in Miami for a Pharmacy conference ( yes that is when it was record lows) Because she was gone, I had the opportunity to watch them Monday and Wednesday. Monday, when I arrived their dad had the twins up and eating breakfast, the little monkey was still sleeping ... Craig shared that one was taking amoxicillin for strep and the other two tylenol for low grade fevers .... I did not think anything of it. It was the 3rd day of them not feeling well. And actually it made the day less eventful, all three were operating at less then 100%. It was a "quite" play day. Other then wiping the runny noses - we had a nice time. Wednesday, the girls go to a half day of school and the little monkey slept most of the morning ...
Now, my Mother watches the kiddos regularly Tuesday and Thursday, she maintained that ... on Wednesday she came over so while I went to pick up the twins she stayed home while the little one slept.
Another less then 100% day, which is okay playing in the basement. My sister returned that afternoon, her kids all happy to see her. I headed on to Brookside for my Wednesday night gig. Playing in the nursery with the little ones. On the drive down I noticed a tickle/pain in my throat - but thought when I get home an orange will help that.
Thursday morning ... ugh. YUCKO ...I have not had a fever in years!
How am I certain it came from those 3 little red-heads ... Thursday morning their father woke up sick and so did my mom! That is CRAZY!
The fever broke on Sunday,(woke up in a sweaty mess) and I went to church (i did not know the 24 hour rule) ran the first Youth Ministry meeting and attended the first class for Dynamic Marriage with Aaron ... it was a FULL day. Needless to say, I had a slight set back on Monday.
So here it is Thursday, one week later - I am certainly feeling better, except the cough. I would like for it to be more productive, but it remains in my throat - not my typical deep "barking" cough. So I will take my cough medicine and press on!

I have been keeping up with my daily bible reading, interesting to read through a second time and notice my notes from 2007. Jacob just died in Egypt, Joseph and the brothers returned him to Canaan ... Tomorrow I will move 400 years after Joseph dies to begin with Moses ... One thing for sure, there has always been family drama!

Dynamic Marriage class ... this is an 8 week course that meets on Sundays, so far we have had homework everyday this week, the hard kind ... where you have to write about how you feel, not multiple choice. Aaron and I are looking forward to sharing with each other and getting to know the couples in our group. The Dynamic Marriage Institute is a national program ... and they offer courses all over. Cool to be part of something BIG!
have a great day - stay healthy!


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