Monday, January 25, 2010

Go Colts!

Here we go again ... but this year is different....
2 of my nephews (soon to be 11 and 10) actually enjoy sitting, watching and analyzing the game with their Dad, Uncles and Grandfather- how cool! Although I do not always know what they are talking about, the interactions are priceless! Also that they get to grow up with such a great hometown team.
Sometimes I regress and go to the time when the Colts first arrived in town:
C.ount O.n L.oosing T.his S.unday ... C.O.L.T.S

When I came home from college, they were doing better, actually getting some wins and playing the post season ...
I remember when Jack and Sam would actually play "colts" Jack was Peyton and Sam was the Edge ... I think that was when my eyes were opened We actually have a team!

So now our Colts are going to the super bowl AGAIN! And they get to take on the Saints, a team that some Indiana fans root for: QB Drew Brees from Purdue and Wide Receiver Courtney Roby from IU and North Central High School ... I hope they play well, but I am certain the Colts will be victorious - AGAIN.

This week I will work to create job descriptions in all our volunteer needs, creating also a training/orientation program ... then do some Youth Ministry work too ... better make a list so I have some things to check off:)


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