Friday, August 14, 2009

Rest - Relaxation - Removal

In a simple two and half hour drive Aaron and I were able to take a step away from the day to day ministry operations.
We headed north to Lake Wawasee ... we have some friends that have a house up there and they graciously allowed for us to stay in their place. AWESOME! The area was so quite. We arrived on Sunday, late afternoon. Most folks were packing up to head home. Thursday afternoon we were heading home, the house around us were waking back up, and boat traffic picked up dramatically. We had a great time for the most part being quite - we both read books, listened to music, talking and napping. The weather was great, one afternoon with thunderstorms - but I think that was so I would not completely fry:)

It was great to be removed from our routine. I am surprised how I get into routines, that must just be our nature. Just a few images ... taken on the PHONE!:)

Lake Wawasee from the NORTH

Lake Wawasee from the SOUTH (behind the kiss:)Not a bad "self" shot.

Am I walking on water?

Aaron napping ....
Aaron working on catching dinner, we ended up having brats.

We had a wonderful time, just what was needed.


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Looks like you had an amazing time!