Saturday, August 8, 2009

Continuing to use technology

This week has been a week of advancing with technology ....
on monday Aaron and I upgraded our phones.
We had been planning to redo our floors in our home, hardwood - laminate ... but when we got the $10,000 price tag (920 sq ft) from Empire (yes, that was 60% off??) - we opted to just have the carpets deep cleaned and do some trim painting. ($300, big difference!)
We began to do some research on phones and plans ... we now both have iPhones and I just love it. One of my favorite features is the "notes" it is like a sheet of paper, i can type notes then send them to my email and print ... VERY COOL! I am sure as time goes on I will find more and more apps to enjoy.

After attending The Leadership Summit 2009, a simulcast held at Grace Community Church and sitting next to a dear fiend I became very interested in Twitter ... so I have now joined that community. I am following quite a few people already. I have a link over to the left if you want to follow that. I am still learning about that technology.

Tonight is the North Central Class of 1989 20 year reunion ... Aaron and I are attending. About to attack my closet and see if my little black dress will work - I am sure it will! But my sister, who graduated with Aaron opted out and is out of town with her husband. Please pray for my mother, she is watching the 4 kiddos!

maybe I will tweet from the reunion ... hum that will give me something to do:)


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