Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lucas Oil Stadium

What a treat ... Sunday the 18th Aaron, my Father and I were able to go see the new home of the Colts, Lucas Oil Stadium. HOW COOL!!! First is a south view, if you walk in the "main" entrance and walk to the field ....

We then walked around to the other side and stepped out on the 5/6 level ( later were realized we were higher then our seats, but what a cool shot) The North End of the field is open .. you can see the old dome and the Indy sky line. The day was so clear, looking out the window gave the feel of a picture.
Same shot, with out the zoom.
Just some proof, we were there:)
We opted not to wait in the wrap around line to walk through the Colts locker room and then on the field. But we did sit in some seats and watch the retractable roof open in about 8 min. What a different feel the open air gives the entire stadium .. I wonder how that will do with the noise level the old Dome was known for? So how did we score this awesome opportunity? One of the guys in our Life Group ( our couples bible study) works for the Colts and was able to get season ticket passes for the grand opening for our group - that was an awesome perk! I doubt I will make it to a Colts game this year, Aaron will, but for me, that was perfect. I got to watch people and not be distracted by the football. I would much rather watch a game at home with friends and family and good treats.

My high school team will be playing in the Stadium Sept.5, but it is unlikely that we will go due to the fact that the following morning the volleyball team hosts a tournament. But we will see ... tickets are still available.


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