Sunday, August 31, 2008

From Stormies Heart

My daily reading Friday was so powerful - I have to share it ... first a recap - I am reading the Power of a Praying Woman Bible - through out the bible are various prayers, insights and short articles from Stormie Omartian.

From Stormies heart on Friday was titled:
Have Faith that with God all things are possible

MIRACLES, happen because people have faith. Not faith in miracles, faith in God, who performs miracles. ( I am praying daily for a miracle, the more Jeremy moves, I praise God and thank him )

Stormie goes one to make this statement: What do you do when you hear bad news? If you received a bad report from the doctor after test results were in, would it cause your heart to sink and fear to rise? Would depression settle over you like a dark blanket of dread? If that ever happens to you for any reason, begin immediately to praise God. Praise Him out loud if you are in position to do so. Sing praise and worship songs to Him until the grip of sadness or shock is broken. Thank Him that because of who He is, anything is possible. Pray about the specifics. Tell Him your needs, requests, concerns, and fears. Tell Him all the reasons you love Him. Thank Him for His Word and quote His Word in your prayers. As you do that, your faith will increase. The more it increases, the more you will be able to face your doubts and fears and say,"With God all things are possible. Blessed be the name of the Lord"
Stormie goes on to explain that God responds t our faith as a sign of love. He will reward us for believing in him, for trusting him, for loving him.
Finally she concludes with this thought: The more you express your love for God in praise, the more you will understand His greatness. Then you will see that nothing is too hard for him - not even the miracle you need in your life right now.

Friday, when I got home from school, I always get the mail. Friday I received in the mail the written results from the Amino at home - I only skimmed the letter, but nothing had changed in the report. But thankfully, my bible was still open to this article. I reread it, then praised God. Turned on my praise music, got ready for Saturday and slept great.

Again, I know that I need the BODY working with God and me - continued praise and thanksgiving to the Warriors ...
this morning I turned on a program with Beth Moore - right in the middle - but I heard her make this statement - Do not stop until the enemy is sorry he messed with you.

I will not stop praying, praising, worshiping, and walking in Faith that God is with Aaron, Jeremy & me and All is Well!


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Sheri said...

Stay strong, Beth - you are awesome and your FAITH will be rewarded. Love and Dimes!