Thursday, August 21, 2008

Looking for God

It is always overwhelming to me when I am desperately seeking to see or hear from God in a big way. I sometimes imagine a deep booming voice speaking grand words of wisdom and encouragement to me. That has yet to happen - but what does happen are very small things through out the day.
Yesterday morning I was seeking comfort in God, it was a hard drive into school - a mixture of the music I was listening to and where my thoughts traveled. I sat in my car a while before entering school, found some composure and entered the building. During my first period class, Jewelry, I was cutting sheet metal for the first project and I noticed on my cutter two magnetic words. believe and laugh. I laughed and said a prayer of thanksgiving to God. First, I did not know the cutter was magnetic, and second I have no idea who might have placed them in that location and when. Do I care - no.
It was the encouragement I was seeking.

When I shared the story with Aaron, he smiled and said remember Sarah, Abraham's wife, laughed when she heard that she would become pregnant. God is just so cool. He places the perfect word of encouragement when needed and the people to help you understand when the word arrives.

I will continue to look for God around me ... wonder where and how he will show up today.


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