Monday, March 14, 2011


this past weekend Pastor Steve Poe preached at Northview Church, at the conclusion he invited anyone that needed a miracle to come forward for prayer ... the aisles filled and mighty prayers went up to the heavens.

i was frozen in my seat, basking in the goodness of our Lord, and relishing the miracle of Jeremy, while finding myself in the middle of a new miracle. (Or maybe this is part of the same miracle?)

i am so thankful that my spiritual eyes are open to see and recognize where i am and how the Lord is orchestrating everything. What an amazing place to be - so completely humbled.

adoption update:
  • we officially have an attorney
  • the expectant birth mom has an attorney
  • the expectant birth mom and her attorney have a birth plan in place
  • when she goes into labor, our attorney will be notified, then we will receive a call.
  • when the little guy arrives, our attorney will be notified, then we will receive a call.
  • the expectant birth mom will be able to sign papers 24 hours after birth, unless she has a c-section(which is unlikely, baby #1 was vaginal)
  • when the expectant mom has signed, we will head to the hospital to meet our son.
Due date, April 4th. She has been having contractions for a week - but no "real" progress. It is my prayer that the little guy continue to grow on the inside as long as possible, with the arrival as close to April 4th as possible. We are ready for him, now - so let the Lords will be done.

We have a few more papers to be returned for our homestudy, and hope to have a social worker to our house BEFORE April 1st!

This is such an amazing time, the Lord continues to provide - for ALL our needs. He continues to humble my heart with the ability to receive the blessings. That too is a miracle!

thanks to help from lifegroup girls, the nursery is together ... still desire to get some black out curtains ... thinking brown

for his ride home ... we will put it in the car this week please pray that this process will continue to bring glory to God our Father, that through ALL things HIS name will be praised!


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Me said...

Love this. Thank you for sharing your journey!