Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my jericho road

This morning during my quite time, I surprised myself when I wrote: The journey to building a family is like the Jericho road.
I feel like I have been traveling this road, minding my own business - I have been attacked by bandits. These bandits have left me exposed on the road.

I have been left vulnerable, exposed, bare. Such a contrast to my personality of being a do it your self person - self reliant to a fault.
I am in need of a good neighbor, a samaritan, a friend ... to pick me up, care for me. Helping along this journey to a family.

Who could have foreseen how treacherous this road would be for me, for us.

GOD did, HE knew, and uses all things for HIS glory.

HE knew, it would take something huge to bring me to my knees again and again to fully trust, obey and place all my hope in HIM. SURRENDER.

What is so amazing to me, that the Lord has already placed around us, good neighbors, samaritans, family, friends .... help is here, help is on the way.

The man on the road would not have received help if his wounds were not exposed.
With that said;
I PRAISE THE LORD that I have been left exposed, needing help.
I PRAISE THE LORD, for those he has sent and is sending.
I PRAISE THE LORD, that he loves me.

Parable of the Good Samaritan, Luke 10:30-37


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