Monday, February 7, 2011


I am excited and encouraged, the Lord has continued to be faithful.

Two weeks ago I had a follow up with my Doc, I have been cleared. Aaron and I have the "go-ahead" to begin trying again. Lord willing, it will not take 2 years!

I also had the opportunity to see my Special Nurse ... (I do know her name, I just like to think of her as my special nurse!)
We talked at length, about loss and life - and HOPE.

She provided a step for me, a fantastic support center, able to help us adopt locally. . We are certain the Lord has a plan to provide for us.
What I had not expected was to receive another call (before we could even begin work with the center) that there is a possible baby for us, due in April.
I am feeling an urgency to raise funds "quick", because we have a possibility of adopting in 2 months!!

I spoke with an attorney, I am completely overwhelmed with the financial aspect of adoption.

the BIG ASK ... we need help!

I have been amazed at those around us that have said they would like to assist us in raising the money needed to pursue building our family. Therefore, to help make that easier - we have added a "donate" button to our blog, the button connects with paypal.

your prayers are much appreciated as we continue along this path.


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Nicole said...

I am in the middle of that bible study. !!!! It is fabulous , you learn so much from each women. Adoption.....paid.... No doubts... Love u girl. "carol"