Thursday, January 20, 2011

precious prayer

this is too special for me not to share ....
last night I was at Brookside Church, my regular Wednesday routine. I was in the Nursery with the kids, I think there were about 12? It was a typical evening, some coloring, playing dress up, cooking, trains, and reading books.

One super sweet little girl, who is 4, asked "Miss Beth, which one is your son?"
my reply " I do not have a son here"
she was stumped, and looked at me sideways
my reply, " we can pray to God that he would give me a son"
she said " okay", bowed her head, then looked back up at me " How do you do that? Show me."
So I bowed my head and said, " Lord please give me a son"
she repeated, "Lord please give Ms Beth a son. Amen"
then she ran off and played more.

My heart was so filled by that special moment. Only to almost burst, when on her way out she said "Ms Beth, show me again how to pray for your son"
We did it again. What a precious blessing are all of Gods children!

I am so comforted and peaceful, that HE hears all our prayers and answers them.


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