Monday, October 12, 2009

what a delay!

Wow - i have neglected posting. I have been busy, and focused on accomplishing projects that are about to meet their deadline.

Really enjoyed my reading from God Calling this Morning ...
"Thine they were and thou gavest them me; and they have kept thy word." John 17:6
Remember, that just as you thank God for Me, so I thank God for His Gift to Me of you. In that hour of pain. The thought of the souls, given Me by My Father, who had kept My Word.
They had not then done great deeds, as they did later, for, and in, My Name. They were simple doers of My Word, not hearers only. Just in their daily tasks and ways they kept My Word.
You, too, can bring Joy to My Heart by faithful service. Faithful service in the little things. Be faithful.
Do your simple tasks for Me.

This entry helps me keep in perspective that everyday, everything we do can be and should be done for his Glory. As I look over the past few weeks - I have been busy ... with The Father, how exciting!

I have draft one of my talk for an upcoming retreat complete and share it with the group this Wednesday. I am now working on the visuals that will accompany the talk - there is a small trace of performance anxiety ... I am certain My Daddy will help me through that.

Then there is this trip .... we leave on the 22nd of October! 10 days! Are the bags packed, NO, have I called the bank to let them know we would be traveling a broad, NO, Have I checked with AT&T to see if our phones will work, NO ... the only thing I do have: Our travel Plans and Passports .... but clearly it is time to get on the ball.

Aaron and I met with some ladies from church who just recently traveled to the Mediterainian and they shared all sorts of useful tips - which gave me a whole new list of things that I have not done. BUT there is still time .... right??
This week once I fulfill my ministry duties, I will begin going through our clothes and seeing what will make the trip. I am reluctant to pull out the suitcases, because of the cat. Foster will get anxious ... that is a whole different thing - he has never been alone this long. Until May Murphy was with him ... Aaron suggested having him stay with my parents - and I think that is Aaron hoping he would stay there FOREVER ....

Over half of my mind still cannot believe we are planning a trip half way around the world ...I mean really - who does this! Apparently Aaron and I:)

On to making Posters a simple task for HIM ....


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