Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the WORD

yesterday was a a downer day. typically day 28/29 of my cycle for the last year has been a depressing day, yesterday was no different.
i do not talk about it much - but it seems to be always on my mind. ugh. the more i try to put it out, the stronger it pounds in me. it is wearing me out.
daily i find myself handing it over to the Lord - sometimes multiple times in a day.

this morning, a powerful reminder at the right time ... the scripture from joel:
"But as for me, I shall sing of Your strength; Yes, I shall joyfully sing of Your loving kindness in the morning, For You have been my stronghold and a refuge in the day of my distress" Psalm 59:16
Words from Joel: Everyone goes through situations and circumstances in life that can cause distress, worry or anxiety. The key to overcoming these situations is exactly what David did in today's verse. Even though David's very life was at stake, He knew that His source of strength and victory was in His worship. He knew that He would find refuge during the day of distress as He sang praises to the Most High God. No matter what you're facing in life today, realize that there's no better place for you to be than in the presence of Almighty God. Everything you need is found in Him. When you begin to worship Him, when you call upon His name, He promises to be near you. And when God shows up on the scene, the enemy must flee! Today, if you've been fighting discouragement, worry or anxiety, cast those cares on the Lord. Come into His presence with singing and enter His courts with praise. Let Him be a refuge for you and give you the strength you need to overcome every obstacle in Jesus' name!

Prayer for Today: Heavenly Father, I humbly come before You today. I declare that You are good and faithful. I will sing of Your love and mercy. Fill me with Your strength and joy as I worship You. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

So thankful for the living WORD that i can study each day, the encouraging emails and podcasts that are available. His word is all around me - strengthening me and pushing me forward. He continues to transform me, the work is not done. I submit to the work that must be completed.


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